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Located at the heart of the Lausanne-Morges conglomeration, the capital of the Canton of Vaud boasts a high level of development, as is borne out by the city's business sector, sophisticated atmosphere, public transport and mobility. As the fourth biggest city in Switzerland, Lausanne is noted for being the Olympic capital, an educational and cultural centre and a city which pursues sustainable development. The city is not only a popular tourist destination but is also home to a large number of international companies and especially to the head offices of multinational groups. A high quality of life and an attractive economy go hand in hand in many different ways to make up an attractive city.


Lausanne has hotels in all the different price categories ensuring that guests will find the type of accommodation they require. From the campsite to bed & breakfast accommodation, and from the youth hostel through to the Lausanne Palace, more than 5,000 beds are available covering the full range of price brackets, styles and ambiances. Whether you are on your own, travelling as a couple, or arriving with a group, whether you are on a family or a student budget, and whether you are on a short business trip or planning a longer stay: you are bound to find the right solution from amongst this range of offerings, ensuring that you enjoy your time in Lausanne and will want to come back.