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Basel is located in the triangle where Switzerland, France and Germany all meet. This city on the Rhine is a key international transport hub, with its airport close to the city, a Rhine port, two central stations, a dense public transport network and a modern road system ensuring good connections to everywhere in the world.As Switzerland’s most dynamic economic region and one of the most productive and innovative worldwide, Basel is a key location for the life sciences industry. Eminent service companies from the financial industry and from commerce and logistics similarly rank amongst the strong sectors in the region. A beautiful, well-tended old city, the river Rhine, secluded parks – which are both clean and safe – all of this is Basel. Added to these come a wide selection of hotels, restaurants and bars, good shopping and a comprehensive range of free-time activities, including not least some 40 museums – some of which enjoy a global reputation.


Hotels located within one hour’s travel time from Basel Exhibition can accommodate a total of 25,000 visitors. The city of Basel boasts over 50 hotels and about 8,800 rooms in all price categories, many of them within easy walking distance of Basel Exhibition. All other hotels in the downtown area are conveniently located.

The central accommodation-booking system provided by Basel Tourism makes it easy for guests to book hotel rooms in Basel and the vicinity.