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MCH Messe Basel is working with a modern and innovative logistics process: Advance notification is required for all HGV deliveries for a specific time slot.
The video and the brochure describe the procedure in simplified graphic form: advance notification, arrival at the checkpoint and, finally, loading/unloading in the delivery zone.

Notification via the MCH Logistics Tool

For your personal access to the logistics tool please contact the Logistics helpline.

Phone: +41 58 206 34 11 | e-mail:

FAQ - frequently asked questions

1. Is notification via the logistics tool free of charge?
Notification is fundamentally free of charge.

2. Is it possible for me to unload my stand construction material myself and to transport it to my stand, or to transport it from my stand back to the vehicle for loading into the vehicle?
No. The MCH General Regulations (which form part of the contract with the exhibitor) specify that all movements on the exhibition site must be performed by our logistics partner.

3. How long is the unloading/loading slot at the transshipment point?
The loading/unloading time varies depending on the size of the vehicle.

4. Is it possible to drive directly to the delivery zone and not go via the checkpoint?
No. All journeys to the exhibition site must go via the Messe Basel checkpoint.

5. What are the checkpoint opening times
The checkpoint opening times depend on the journeys that have been notified. You will find your personal arrival time for the checkpoint on the checkpoint registration slip that you receive after submitting your notification.