Order Water connection and installations

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1,2,3,4,5,6,7, Lobby, Outdoor, Galerie of Hall

Water connection/ - installation (for appliances, tubs, pools and basins)
(Price/unit: CHF 530.00)
Ex. +41 58 200 20 20
(Price/unit: CHF 280.00)
(Price/unit: CHF 265.00)

Water installations/appliances

** Please order the electrical connections separately
(Form "Water connection and installations")

(Price/unit: CHF 230.00)
(Price/unit: CHF 399.00)
(Price/unit: CHF 430.00)
(Price/unit: CHF 580.00)
(Price/unit: CHF 350.00)
(Price/unit: CHF 224.00)
(Price/unit: CHF 285.00)

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