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Exhibition Center Zurich: Logistics instructions for exhibitors and forwarding companies

Procedure for the delivery and removal of goods For exhibitions during assembly and dismantling in the Halls

Checkpoint Hotline +41 58 206 51 74

Checkpoint Hotline

– The hotline will be able to tell you whether to go to Checkpoint 1 or Checkpoint 2..

Checkpoint 1

– Arrive 

– Leave your deposit (CHF/EUR 100) and obtain your access certificate

– Wait for permission to continue to the entrance

– Continue to Checkpoint 2

Checkpoint 2

– Register at the entrance

– Enter your departure time

– Continue to the loading zone

Loading Zone for the halls

– Proceed to the loading zone as instructed (please note the colour of your access certificate)

– Unload or load 

Leaving the Exhibition Center

– Leave the loading zone

– Hand in your access certificate 

– Collect your deposit (CHF/EUR 100) provided you have kept to your time allocation


How to find the Checkpoints

Checkpoint 1

GPS: Orion-Strasse 6, CH-8152 Glattpark (Opfikon),
vis-à-vis Schutz & Rettung Zürich


Checkpoint 2

GPS: Siewerdtstrasse 60, CH-8050 Zürich