Messe Zürich | Hall 5 & 6

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Messe Zürich halls 5 & 6
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Halls 5 and 6 are accessed via escalator or passenger lift. Loading ramps allow the exhibits to be transported directly into the halls by any type of vehicle, from cars to semitrailer trucks. Spaces K1-K5, located on the same level, may be used as conference rooms or ancillary accommodation.

Visitors to Halls 5 and 6 may wish to dine and unwind at the 180-seat Yellow restaurant or the 70-seat snack bar of the same name.

Technical Data

Floor area
7,576 m2
Hall 3: 3,788 m2
Hall 4: 3,788 m2

Length x width
60 x 57 m

Max. exhibit height
5.50 m

Clear height
6 m

Eyebolt height
6.70 m

40 t truck

Floor load capacity
1,500 kg/m2

Column grid
19.20 x 9.60 m

Service grid
1 connection per 45 - 50 m2

Goods lift
3 x 6 m; height 3.50 m, 10 t load capacity

Door height
4.5 m

Service connections
Floor sockets for power, water, telephone and internet

"Yellow", 180 seats
Sanckbar "Yellow", 70 seats

Conference rooms
K1 - K5